4.5 Bayezid and Timur - The Battle of Ankara


5/10/2020 - This is the second of the first batch of student made podcasts! 

This one is focused on Bayezid I and his battle against the leader of the Timurid Empire! Below are some pictures collected by the student to help you as you listen to the episode.

Timur- the first leader of the Timurid Empire, which was once the Chagatai Khanate

Bayezid the First- the fourth sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He was nicknamed "the Thunderbolt" for being able to march his army quickly across land.

Bayezid's Capture- Bayezid was the first Ottoman Sultan to be captured by an enemy

Battle of Ankara 1402- also known as the Ottoman-Timurid Battle, this illustration shows a war elephant that Timur captured in India.

The Man in the Cage- Legend tells that after being captured by Timur's forces, Bayezid was locked in a golden cage and mocked by the public.