Matthew and Sharon Grace have been married since 2016 and Lois and Ruth keep them busy when they are not tutoring. They enjoy being outside, loving God, and loving people. They make many mistakes but, through patience and reliance on God's Spirit, they continue to progress forward in becoming more mature. 

Matthew and Sharon Grace act as a team with Matthew's M.Ed., acting as the head instructor and curriculum developmer while Sharon's native speaking and experience with tutoring helps make sure all materials are correct.  We pride ourselves on our patient instruction and believe that with perseverance ANY students can be taught ANYTHING. We specialize in helping troubled students find their way into, if not enjoying, at least becoming competent at the skill or area of study they are struggling with.

Sharon has been teaching and tutoring Chinese since 2014. She taught expatriates in China for the first two years and then, after moving to America with her husband, began helping American students, young and old, with their Chinese language skills. 

Matthew has been teaching and tutoring since 2004. He started off focusing on ESOL but moved into Chinese and Mathematics in 2016. Since that time he has tutored and taught over 5000 hours in Math, Chinese, and ESOL.